Cacti Care

Cactus are the perfect choice for beginners or anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Follow these simple guidelines and your babe with flourish 😌


🌵 Cactus love a sunny situation and will happily soak up the sun’s precious rays
🌵 Ideally, positioning your cactus on a sunny windowsill or close to the window will provide the perfect exposure for your cactus
🌵 Just like you, your babes will enjoy a regular outing outdoors for a good dose of vitamin D
🌵 Remember, the further away your cactus is from the light source, the lower the quality and quantity the light becomes


🌵 Along with light, cactus need water to survive - however the amount they require will vary each season
🌵 Water cactus to mimic the seasonal rainfall in their native habitat
🌵 During the growth period (September – February) water your cactus every two weeks, ensuring the soil is completely dried out in between watering
🌵 Gradually reduce watering during autumn as the weather begins to cool
🌵 Hold off on watering completely during its winter rest period and resume watering in spring


🌵 Cactus do not like significant fluctuations in temperature so keep cactus clear of the heater and air conditioning
🌵 Luke warm water is best, too cold and it can shock your cactus
🌵 Your cactus will gravitate towards the light so regularly rotate your cactus to even out the growth