Hoya Australis

Hoya Australis

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This tropical indoor plant, often called a ‘wax plant’ due to its thick waxy leaves, are a classic creeping vine that lives forever creating a beautiful porcelain-like fragrant flower cluster. This little guy is a great low maintenance and fast growing trail plant.

LIGHT: Bright but indirect sunlight for growing and blooming. This beauty embraces the sun all year round. It will also enjoy some early morning or late afternoon direct sunshine.

WATER: These plants are very sensitive to water. During the growing period, these plants crave water and need to remain hydrated. Water the plant thoroughly every 2-3 weeks or when the top of the soil is dry. Cut back to once a month in winter as this is their dormant period.

FERTILISER: feed the plants once a month throughout spring and summer.

RE-POTTING: Hoya’s don’t mind being a bit root bound and can remain in the same pot for years, just be sure they’re planted in a well-draining soil and a planter with a drainage hole.

POT SIZE: 14cm.

Planter not included

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